Useful tips for android phone

For Android Users, a Mobile phone is very useful in many ways. Many Useful tips for android phones are to make your phone secure. Around 2.6 billion android users are in our country which good things like sending & receiving pictures, video calling, text messaging, etc. you are most likely using that smart mobile device every day now, accumulating lots of personal data.

Just follow some useful tips for Android Phone users :

1. Always lock your device with a passcode.

Always lock your phone with a passcode which is very useful to secure your phone. No one can open your phone without a passcode. It is a very useful tip for android phone users. You also secure your phone with a face lock, passcode, Fingerprint lock, etc. Security is the first priority for Your Android Phone. You can also use patterns to secure your phone.

2. Update Your software and Apps immediately.

When an update of Software is released on your phone, download and install it the right way. The update includes security and makes your phone very smooth. Sometimes update also includes new versions of UI. Also, apps that are installed on your phone, when the update is released, then update apps for new versions.

Useful tips for android phone

3. Backup Your data to the Cloud

Always back up your data to the cloud on your Android phone. Because sometimes helpful files can be deleted for some reason and if we do not back up data on the phone, we lose important files. If you back up your data in the cloud, you can find easily your file which might be lost or stolen.

4. Remote Wiping Phone is always enabled.

 if your phone is lost or stolen, you can remotely wipe out all your personal data from its memory. And you don’t have to worry about losing that data. You back up your data to the cloud on your android phone. (As per tip no 3). More about the remote wiping phone on respective pages.

5. Use A Security App.

The security app will take you the way to full protection on an android phone. Cybersecurity software works nonstop in the background making sure no unknown programs or files sneak onto the device. Avast has one of the largest security engines in the world, protecting a global network of hundreds of millions of users. Avast Security app for android mobile.

6. Uninstall Apps which you don’t need.

On Android Phones, Uninstall apps that you don’t need. It helps to make more storage on your phone. Follow the steps to uninstall apps:

  • Go to Settings > Apps
  • Click on Apps
  • you will display two options > Uninstall and Open
  • Click on Uninstall
  • Now uninstall the app on your android phone.

7. Use unique passwords for EVERY account online.

Use unique passwords for every account because cybercriminals get a user’s password in their grasp. For security reasons use always unique passwords for your different accounts. Another option is to use memorable sentences or “passphrases” that you can remember.  If you need to write them down, do so, but store them away from your computer.

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