Mussoorie, popularly known as the Queen of Hills. There are several top 5 Tourist Attractions in Mussoorie that keep you engaged throughout the trip including adventure sports like trekking, paragliding, rappelling, etc. Dotted with waterfalls, lakes, vantage points, and other glories of nature, the hill station provides a perfect escape from the chaos and sultry weather of the cities.

1. Get an Amazing Trekking experience

Trekking is one of the top 5 tourist attractions in Mussoorie, with more paths and destinations. One of the most thronged spots around the town is Pari Tibba. The walk to this approximately 8530-feet high hill starts from Woodstock School, a landmark institution. You then follow the historic Chamalsari-Company Bagh path to reach the village of Barlowganj, where the hike ends.

You can undertake the Bhadraj trek in Mussoorie to combine walking and spirituality as the journey will take you to a temple. Walking on cemented roads, grass-covered paths through deodar forests, and lush meadows lined with oak trees will become a cherished memory. From numerous forest clearings, you will be able to see the snowbound peaks of the Bandarpunch and Swargarohini Ranges of the Himalayas.

2. Adventure Sports

There are so many adventure sports in Mussoorie. They are the top 5 tourist attractions in Mussoorie. Mussoorie is also ideal for trying out adventure sports. More Information About Adventure In Mussoorie.

Sky Walk:  

It is one of the best adventure sports in Mussoorie to try. You will have some best moments of your life here trying out this sport once you let the fear-free. You will walk on a wire at a certain height, usually, it is 120 feet with both your hands out.

  • Location: Snow Adventure Zone, 6 km before | Dhanaulti, Mussoorie 248001, India
  • Best time: 9.00 AM-6.00 PM.

River Rafting :

River rafting is another thrilling adventure sport that you can try in Mussoorie. This type of rafting is organized by a group of people. They are given a boat and life-saving jackets. It is also better if you know how to swim. It can save you from any type of risk.

  • Location: Barkot to Lakhamandal, near Mussoorie.
  • Timings: 10.00AM-3.00AM

Climbing :

One of the top 5 Tourist attractions in Mussoorie is rock climbing. Many organizations organize this adventure. Generally, the length of the routes of climbing is about 82ft or 164 ft. The tourists are tightly tied with a heavy rope so that they can climb up the rocks comfortably. It is better to wear heavy clothes during climbing rocks.

  • Location: Dhanaulti, Mussoorie
  • Timings: 8.00 AM-3.00 AM


Rappelling is another important fun sport that is organized in various parts of Mussoorie. It simply means descending by mountains with the help of various types of ropes and other accessories or tools.

  • Location: Buranskhanda, Mussoorie
  • Timings: 8.30AM-2.00PM

Camping :

Camping can be counted as one of the best adventure sports in Mussoorie for couples. Camping can give you a very thrilling experience, especially during the nighttime. Generally, fires are lit up in front of the camp during the nighttime so that no wild animals can attack it. Safety measures are always taken by the organizers or providers.

  • Location: Dhanaulti, Mussoorie.

Mountain Biking :

Dhanaulti is counted as one of the top 5 tourist attractions in Mussoorie and one of the best spots for adventure sports. Riding a bike along with the hilly areas and the rough roads will give you a different experience. They are far different from normal roads. Drive slowly and enjoy the natural beauty of the hills.

  • Location: Dhanaulti, Mussoorie

Paragliding :

Mussoorie is the best place for paragliding. Paragliding over the lakes of Mussoorie will provide you with a great chance to view the beauty of the lake from a great height. It is one of the top 5 tourist attractions in Mussoorie.

  • Location: Mussoorie Lake, Dhobi Ghat, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179, India
  • Timings: 10.00 AM-6.00 PM.

Zip Line :

It is also a very famous or popular adventure sport in Mussoorie Uttarakhand and most tourists go for it since it gives thrills. Live a great mini zipline experience in a beautiful way and fly like a bird. In this activity, they offer us twice the fun, excitement, and adventure.

  • Location: Mussoorie and Dhanaulti
  • Timings: 9.00 AM-4.00 PM

Valley Crossing :

Crossing the valley in Mussoorie and Dhanaulti is very popular. You will be traveling at a speed of 70kmph. There are two parallel lines in the valley crossing. It seems almost like a commando. The whole thing is done with the help of a pulley that pulls the hand of the visitor from one place to another.

  • Location: Dhanaulti, Mussoorie.
  • Timings: 8.30 AM-3.30 PM

3. Popular Landmark

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Mussoorie Popular Landmark

There are other so many top 5 tourist attractions in Mussoorie. A prominent name on this list is Sir George Everest House, which served as the residence and laboratory of the legendary namesake personality. The historic Mussoorie Library, which has been operational for over 175 years now, stands proudly at Gandhi Chowk. You can also plan a visit to Captain Young’s Mullingar Mansion, Mussoorie Heritage Centre, and Soham Heritage & Art Centre, which is a museum-cum-gallery. There are many more places like Kempty Water Fall, K Dev Bhoomi wax museum, Company Garden & Shed up Choepelling Temple also…

4. Visit Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Mussoorie Sanctuary

This Sanctuary is located away from Mussoorie. The top 5 tourist attractions in Mussoorie is that it is a place for kids and families. In this Sanctuary you will see a few wild animals, plenty of trees and some exotic birds. From the sanctuary, you can get stunning views of the snow-clad Chaukhamba and Bandar Punch mountains.

  • Location: Rajaji National Park
  • Time to visit: 7 am to 5 pm

5. Shopping & Food

Top 5 tourist attractions in Mussoorie shopping

Another top 5 tourist attraction in Mussoorie is The Mall Road. The Mall road is the central hub of the Mussoorie and is definitely a must-visit on your trip to the city. It has a bunch of places, a couple of things, and plenty of activities to do when on a vacation to Mall Road. The visit to Mall road is enough to give you greater insight into the city. There are a bunch of restaurants, shops, and other establishments located here.

  • Location: The Mall road is located at a distance of some 15 km from the Kempty Falls.
  • Best Time: Can be visited at any hour of the day.

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